For Rights-Based Social Protection Approach, a Better Law is Critical

Kenya is among several African countries where social protection, specifically cash transfers, have gained traction since the 2004 Ouagadougou Declaration on Employment and Poverty Alleviation in Africa. The declaration commits to enhance the coverage and effectiveness of social protection for all and to improve the living conditions of older persons through better social protection services. […]

Utafiti Sera Infographic Series

A recent report by African Platform for Social Protection (APSP) in collaboration with PASGR argues that Cash Transfer Programmes is a key determinant to improving  well-being in poor families, people living with disabilities, old people, vulnerable children and orphans. Their infographics below synthesizes their key findings: APSP infographics The data was obtained from the Ministry […]

1st Utafiti Sera Forum on Social Protection: Stakeholders’ Mapping Report

The first Utafiti Sera forum on Social Protection in Kenya was held on 25th January 2018,  in Nairobi. The meeting was jointly hosted by the Africa Platform for Social Protection (APSP) and the Partnership for African Social & Governance Research (PASGR). The purpose of the meeting was to review progress made during the period of […]

Utafiti Sera High-Level Policy Meeting on Legal Framework on Social Protection

Date: 23rd March, 2018 Location: Mombasa, Kenya Forum Focus: Legal framework for Social Protection The Utafiti Sera High-Level Policy Meeting brought together 19 key stakeholders operating in the Social Protection (SP) sector to discuss the legal and policy framework for SP programmes in Kenya with the Members of the National Assembly from the Departmental committee on […]