Utafiti Sera

Can African think tanks help strengthen government use of data and evidence? We think so

With so much excitement around Africa Evidence Week, a cross-country virtual and live bonanza of Evidence Informed Decision-making (#EIDM) hosted by the Africa Evidence Network and dozens of partners, I couldn’t help but jump in. Through the outpouring of videos, webinars, events, blogs and #AfricaEvidenceWeek tweets we have met emerging evidence leaders; learned about evidence gap maps, evidence syntheses and research repositories; seen […]

Innovative approaches to evidence uptake in Africa: conference highlights

Utafiti Sera and INCLUDE’s African Policy Dialogues During the conference, participants debated various approaches to evidence-based policy in Africa and the political economies and cultures that facilitate or inhibit the use of evidence in policy processes. One of the approaches featured was Utafiti Sera (research policy). This approach was pioneered in 2015 by PASGR, INCLUDE, […]

Evidence uptake and use to transform Africa: Lessons from the “Utafiti Sera” model

APRA members from Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, and Nigeria attended a two-day convening meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, which was organised by Partnership for African Social and Governance Research(PASGR). The main objective of the meeting was to bring together 120 participants from 20 countries and diverse disciplines (including practitioners, researchers, scientists, activists, government officials, and policymakers) to share […]

Contextualizing Evidence Key to Alleviating Development Challenges

Even as countries and institutions move towards basing their interventions on evidence derived from research, contextualizing this evidence is core to addressing the issue. Dr. Tade Akin Aina, the Executive Director of Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR) emphasized that institutionalizing of Evidence is not absolute. Context matters in evidence research. Dr. Tade was […]

Let’s make agriculture attractive to the youth

There is a world of difference between employment and underemployment. A lot of data from different research outfits such as findings of a report titled: Charting the path for a youth apprenticeship policy: Lessons from Utafiti Sera House on Youth Employment Creation in Agriculture in Kenya by Centre for African Bio-entrepreneurship (CABE), found that there […]

Rwanda Research Institute Shows Loopholes in Waste Management

Research findings have shown that almost half of the city of Kigali population is directly affected by poor waste management and sanitation, especially from slum areas. Findings from the 3rd research forum on Urban Governance and City Transformation (Utafiti Sera) showed that the 43.6%  of one million Kigali residents use unimproved sanitary facilities – a […]

For Rights-Based Social Protection Approach, a Better Law is Critical

Kenya is among several African countries where social protection, specifically cash transfers, have gained traction since the 2004 Ouagadougou Declaration on Employment and Poverty Alleviation in Africa. The declaration commits to enhance the coverage and effectiveness of social protection for all and to improve the living conditions of older persons through better social protection services. […]