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Call for Partners & Professional Research Fellows

Click on  Briefing Note here Contact person: Lauren Wesonga- Accountability for Water is a new programme of action & research to improve water governance & water service delivery. Too often good policies, wise laws and promising programmes have failed because of weak accountability. To harness the potential of stronger accountability we need to know […]

Accelerating Water and Climate Action at COP26

Welcome to our SIWI World Week at Home official session. With water and climate both being high on the UK’s agenda, this event will highlight the global water crisis and the UK’s response in the context of climate change and Covid-19.

Accountability & Advocacy Interventions in the Water Sector

This report summarises the results of a global review of evidence on the outcomes of accountability and advocacy interventions for improved water service delivery, water resource management and water governance, and the factors which influence their performance. The review responds to the knowledge needs of the Accountability for Water partners and a wider group of […]

Demanding Power: Struggles over Energy Access – Research Findings from the Action for Empowerment and Accountability Research Programme (A4EA)

Around the world energy prices, subsidies, and availability have very often become flashpoints for social mobilisation, protest, and demands for government response whether in the gilet jaune movement in France, and or in passionate protests in Zimbabwe. Focusing in Mozambique, Nigeria, and Pakistan, as well as more broadly, this seminar will report on emerging findings […]

Two Lessons for Early Involvement of Stakeholders in Research

A fundamental principle for conducting research that is easily put to use by stakeholders is to involve them in the research process as early as possible. But how can the inertia and lack of interest that stakeholders often have at this stage be overcome? We provide two lessons from our experience of involving stakeholders as […]

Men-Focused Social, Political Values Limit Women’s Access to Economic Opportunities

Women’s contribution to making public institutions work more efficiently and effectively is no longer in doubt in Nigeria, when given the opportunity. But women have continued to fail at being able to compete favourably against men at local, state, and federal government elections. This has significant economic implications. Of Nigeria’s 36 states, 20 have at […]

Group Launch Gender-focused Research

A group of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which included the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR); Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and Leadership Effectiveness Accountability Professionalism (LEAP) Africa have officially launched a study on “Gendered Contentions in Fragile, Conflict and Violence Affected Settings: Unpacking Women’s Leadership, Empowerment and Accountability.” The group disclosed that the […]

Stakeholders seek to end gender gaps in political representation, get more women into politics

Concerned stakeholders including the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR), Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and Leadership Effectiveness Accountability Professionalism (LEAP) Africa recently held an engagement/workshop to discuss ways to address the low representation of women in key decision-making processes in Nigeria and how to close the gender gap in political leadership. Under […]