Monthly Archive May 2019

University of Ibadan Vice-Chancellor Urges Nigerian Government To Fund Education

The Vice-Chancellor, University of Ibadan, UI, Professor Idowu Olayinka has urged the Nigerian government to invest in knowledge generation, knowledge transmission and research to solve the nation’s problems, adding that problem-solving researches give birth to solution-driven policies. Olayinka, who stated this at the Institution’s Postgraduate College Interdisciplinary lecture delivered by the Executive Director of Partnership […]

University of Ibadan Vice-Chancellor seeks better funding

The Vice-Chancellor, University of Ibadan, Prof Idowu Olayinka, has stated that the Nigerian governments must invest in knowledge generation, research and knowledge transmission to solve the nation’s problems. Olayinka said this at the Postgraduate College Interdisciplinary lecture delivered by the Executive Director, Partnership for African Social and Governance Research, Prof Tade Aina, at the International […]

Bring Back Our Girls Movement And A Culture Of Decent Dissent

It is, therefore, imperative that decent dissent be encouraged. It is indeed in the interest of the government and the governed. It was initially a rabble of a few citizens; then the number grew to hundreds and then thousands. Chanting war songs and wielding all sorts of objects, they marched into the mayor’s magnificent building, […]

Evidence uptake and use to transform Africa: Lessons from the “Utafiti Sera” model

APRA members from Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, and Nigeria attended a two-day convening meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, which was organised by Partnership for African Social and Governance Research(PASGR). The main objective of the meeting was to bring together 120 participants from 20 countries and diverse disciplines (including practitioners, researchers, scientists, activists, government officials, and policymakers) to share […]

Expert Tasks FG On Insecurity, Unemployment

The Federal Government has been urged to employ the services of Nigerian social scientists to tackle the problems of insecurity, unemployment, and poverty in the country. The Executive Director, Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR) Professor Tade Aina advised the government to employ social scientists in developing solutions to poverty, unemployment, and insecurity […]

Nigeria needs social scientists to solve problems – Experts

Executive Director, Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR) Professor Tade Aina has declared that Nigeria needs the services of Social Scientists for solution to find solutions poverty, unemployment and insecurity problem in the country. Professor Aina who said this while delivering the postgraduate college, University of Ibadan Interdisciplinary discourse lecture entitled “The social […]

Contextualizing Evidence Key to Alleviating Development Challenges

Even as countries and institutions move towards basing their interventions on evidence derived from research, contextualizing this evidence is core to addressing the issue. Dr. Tade Akin Aina, the Executive Director of Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR) emphasized that institutionalizing of Evidence is not absolute. Context matters in evidence research. Dr. Tade was […]

Let’s make agriculture attractive to the youth

There is a world of difference between employment and underemployment. A lot of data from different research outfits such as findings of a report titled: Charting the path for a youth apprenticeship policy: Lessons from Utafiti Sera House on Youth Employment Creation in Agriculture in Kenya by Centre for African Bio-entrepreneurship (CABE), found that there […]

Future Leaders – African Independent Research (FLAIR) Fellowships

Royal Society has opened a call for Future Leaders – African Independent Research (FLAIR) Fellowships, in partnership with GCRF and African Academy of Sciences (AAS). The objectives of this scheme are to: Support talented early career researchers to establish an independent research career in African institutions. Enable high-quality research that addresses the global development challenges faced […]