Background Note: Employment Creation in Sugar Sector in Kenya: Challenging the Political Economy Dilemmas and the Role of Utafiti Sera (Research-Policy Community)

The Kenya sugar sector value chain has the potential to promote substantial wageemployment but that has not been fully realized because of a number of blockages. These blockages include political interference, low application of technology at the lower end of the value
chain, weak institutional framework for supporting the industry, unhealthy competition arising from commodity imports, and existence of private interest groups that are able to influence policies that have negative effect on job creation.
A study conducted by a team of researchers led by Prof. Winnie Mitullah of the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) of University of Nairobi to examine the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the constraints to employment creation of the sector has provided a number of recommendations that are relevant for policy discussions. PASGR and the Centre forAfrican Bio-Entrepreneurship (CABE) are facilitating research policy engagement on the findings of the study using the Utafiti Sera approach.
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