Launched on February 22, 2010, PASGR has grown into a fully independent African organisation and has launched major activities within each programme area.  So far we have worked with individuals and institutions from over 25 African countries.

PASGR has emerged as a reputable pan-African organisation focusing on social science research, higher education and short term professional development, having begun as an idea to strengthen research capacity in the social sciences in Africa after the Commission of Africa Report of 2006/2007 noted that a ‘state of crisis’ existed in African social science institutions, reflected in diminishing resources, declining academic standards, falling outputs and limited engagement in domestic policy formulation.

Our three key programmes — Higher Education, Professional Development and Training, and Research — are firmly in place after successful design and piloting.  PASGR’s programme work is premised on the firm belief that evidence-based knowledge, derived from rigorous research for effective public policy, is central to state building and national development, and is a key governance issue.  PASGR therefore believes in providing the technical tools and competencies, as well as strong research skills, to address society’s problems through effective public policy.

The programmes link capacity building and excellence with awareness raising on the role and importance of rigorous research for effective policy, and policy outreach to research consumers and policy actors.  At PASGR, we are also firm believers in the power of partnerships.  All our programmes are anchored in partnerships; all our work is driven by partnerships.