Utafiti Sera

Utafiti Sera (Kiswahili for research-policy) is a combination of many things that ensure and enhance policy outcomes. It is a ‘process’, place’, ‘forum’, ‘platform’, or a ‘vehicle’ for transforming research evidence-based knowledge for policy uptake.

Utafiti Sera, as work in progress, supports, contributes to building and enhances a community of researchers and policy actors working together to ensure that appropriate and negotiated policy actions and uptake occur either through programmes, legislation, policies or administrative and other forms of civic actions around issues for which research has provided evidence or for which a synthesis of available evidence has been made.

Schematics of Utafiti Sera

Utafiti Sera Houses

PASGR, with financial support from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, began the implementation of a second phase of Utafiti Sera programmes across three distinct but interrelated development issues in Kenya and Rwanda, all informed by rigorous research evidence generated from research work produced by PASGR networks.

These are:

  1. Urban Governance and City Transformation in Nairobi
  2. Urban Governance and City Transformation in Kigali
  3. Social Protection
  4. Youth Employment Creation in Agribusiness in Kenya