What We Do

The Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR) is a pan-African not-for-profit organisation based in Nairobi that aims to increase the capacity of African academic institutions and researchers to contribute stronger evidence based research on public policy that can have a positive impact on pro-poor development policies in Africa.  It was established in response to the declining capacity in political and social science research output in sub-Saharan Africa.

PASGR supports research on aspects of governance (such as accountability, service delivery and voice) and their influence on the design and implementation of social policy.  Furthermore, PASGR seeks to strengthen the provision of higher education by supporting collaborative initiatives for graduate education in research for public policy so that graduates and faculty can contribute effectively to African research and public policy.

PASGR also builds research capacity by providing opportunities for professional development of teaching staff and researchers, and extending technical as well as policy outreach and communication support.

PASGR has five key outcomes:

  1. Strengthened social and political science regional research capacity;
  2. Increased regional research on governance and social policy;
  3. Establishment of national and regional university networks;
  4. Establishment of an effective and sustainable regional organisation; and,
  5. Increased regional demand for high quality and relevant governance and social research.