Urban Governance and Turning African Cities Around

This research thematic area provides analyses on the drivers of recent transformations taking place in some major African cities.

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Ongoing Project: Urban Governance and Turning African Cities Around

‘Africa is rising’ does not only apply to the exceptional economic growth the continent has experienced over the last decade but also to cities that are increasingly changing the narratives about Africa.  Evidence is emerging that some African cities are turning around from their past failures to provide adequate infrastructure and services, regulate the urban space, address social justice and rights of citizens, create inclusive cities and economies, collect adequate local revenue, improve service networks, provide jobs for the urban poor, and improve security among others.

Against this backdrop, PASGR has begun a study to examine the drivers and governance dimensions of the turnaround in three prominent African cities – Lagos, Luanda and Johannesburg – with the possibility of including more African cities.  On May 18-19, PASGR held an inception workshop to discuss the study’s framework.  The meeting involved 20 researchers, policy actors from the three cities, reference group members, the principal investigator, and PASGR staff.  The three city studies were completed in 2016.  Read the inception workshop report here.

In May 2016, the study was expanded to include Nairobi, Kigali and Addis Ababa, with a focus on flagship infrastructure projects in these cities.

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