Research-Policy Community Forum (Utafiti Sera) on Social Protection in Kenya

PASGR and the African Institute for Health and Development (AIHD) are holding a forum on Research-Policy Community (Utafiti Sera) on Social Protection in Kenya on May 10, 2016 in Nairobi. Ms. Susan Mochache, Principal Secretary for Social Security and Services (Ministry of Labour and East African Affairs), will open the meeting.

The one-day forum is an opportunity for researchers, policy makers and practitioners to discuss pertinent issues on social protection in Kenya that need policy attention. This forum is a follow up of a May 13, 2015 meeting that was organized by PASGR and attended by local and international organizations.

Utafiti Sera is a framework about new ways of thinking and collaboration to bridge the gap between research evidence and policy action. PASGR aims at using the framework to build and sustain a vibrant community of practice that will advance policy action and uptake on social protection in Kenya using research evidence.

Utafiti Sera graphic copyThe forum will discuss among other issues legislation on social protection; universalism as a way of reducing targeting errors; exit/graduation mechanisms of cash transfer; mechanisms for financing social protection; and effective coordination of social protection programmes.

During the forum PASGR and AIHD will present activities that have been planned for the year for which members of the Utafiti Sera community will be asked to participate to ensure the programme’s success in terms of informing and influencing policies on social protection in Kenya.

About 35 key policy makers, practitioners, and researchers are expected to participate in the forum. Invited participants include Members of Parliament, Members of Parliamentary Select Committee on Labour and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Devolution, Ministry of Labour and East African Affairs, County Governors, Senate Committee Members, key international organisations supporting the Government of Kenya on social protection programmes, non-governmental organizations and associations involved in social protection in Kenya.