Utafiti Sera (Research-Policy Community): First Forum on Wage Employment Creation in Agriculture and Agro-Processing in the Context of Inclusive Growth

On 7th June 2016, the Partnership for African Social Governance Research (PASGR), with support from the Knowledge Platform for Inclusive Development Policies (INCLUDE), IDRC and UKAID, organised a forum. This was the first Utafiti Sera (Research-Policy Community) meeting on Wage Employment in Agriculture and Agro-Processing in Kenya. Thirty eight participants were invited, following a stakeholder analysis to identify institutions with the power, interest, motivation and capacity to influence policies and programs in agriculture and agro-processing in Kenya. During the forum, various presentations on employment creation policy experiences within the country were given and discussed in six thematic areas. Plenary sessions allowed participants to interact with the presentations and contribute to the different topics. This report details the process and outcomes of the forum.

Open Publication