Policy research has changed me

Maureen Sylvia Kusiima’s relationship with PASGR dates back to 2014. The Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP) student from Uganda Christian University credits PASGR for honing her research skills to include public policy issue analysis, lobbying and advocacy.

The student, who describes herself as “determined, hardworking, and self-driven” has acquired tools, design and other aspects of conducting research, including use of multi-method approaches and stakeholder engagement skills from PASGR.

“The sky is the limit for PASGR; it’s unstoppable,” she says.

In 2016, Maureen maintained contact with PASGR and fellow MRPP students by email and telephone following earlier face to-face contact during the 2015 MRPP Week in Nairobi.

PASGR “always has important information to pass on or inquiries to make about the MRPP,” Maureen says, as well as communicating research, scholarship and training opportunities.

PASGR’s mission of advancing excellence in research among its communities of practice does not leave student communities the same, she says. The Higher Education Programme has had a positive impact on her, Maureen says.

This post is from the 2016 PASGR annual report. Download a PDF copy to read other stories about our work.