Call for Proposals to Design ‘Informed Research Consumers’ Module

With research findings now available from a wide range of sources including the social media, policy actors want the assurance that this evidence is credible and reliable. In addition, research consumers represent a wide variety of policy actors that include legislators, governors, county administrators, chiefs, NGO managers, civil society and community activists. This has implications for the sort of research evidence different constituencies require, in what formats and how it is processed and presented.

It has also become evident, in the course of our work, that policy research consumers want to be able to access policy research evidence promptly and in a manner that is easily understandable, verifiable and usable.

In order to address these needs, PASGR is designing an Informed Research Consumers module. This module aims to equip policy actors with requisite knowledge and skills to identify, understand and utilise credible and reliable research evidence that is fundamental to their mission and work. It is also intended to broaden an understanding of the intricate nature of the policy process as well as constraints to effective public policy making and implementation and how this interfaces with research evidence. This module will take cognisance of the different governance contexts and constituencies in Africa and will be gender responsive.

PASGR invites qualified and interested individuals or teams to submit an application detailing how they would design a module that addresses the needs stated above (Download Terms of Reference in PDF format or view online text version).

Proposals in response to this call must be submitted electronically via email to and received by 5:00 pm East African Time on Monday, October 23, 2017.