Utafiti Sera Forum on Employment Creation

Date: 07 Jun 2016

PASGR is holding a one-day forum as part of the processes to establish Utafiti Sera (a Research-Policy Community) on Employment Creation in Agriculture and Agro-Processing in Kenya. The forum will be held on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 in Nairobi.

Utafiti Sera has been developed as part of PASGR’s research-policy engagement processes. It is a framework about new ways of thinking and collaboration to bridge the gap between research evidence and policy action. PASGR aims at using the Utafiti Sera framework to build and sustain a vibrant community of researchers and policy actors that will advance policy action on employment creation in Kenya.

The one-day forum is an opportunity for researchers, policy makers and practitioners to discuss pertinent issues on wage employment creation in agriculture and agro-processing in Kenya that need policy attention. The forum will discuss the following thematic areas with respect to wage employment creation in agriculture and agro processing value chain:

  1. The role of the state
  2. Policies, legal and business environment
  3. The role of county governments
  4. Agro-industrial policy
  5. Youth employment in agribusiness

About 35 policy makers, practitioners, and researchers are expected to participate in the forum. Subsequent Utafiti Sera activities that include two additional forums and breakfast meetings with Parliamentary and Senate Select Committees will be discussed, and follow up programmes drawn on how Utafiti Sera will contribute towards informing and influencing policies on wage employment in agriculture and agro-processing in Kenya.