Utafiti Sera: 3rd Forum on Urban Governance and Social Dimensions of Infrastructure

Date: 19 Nov 2018
Pamoja Trust is a non‐governmental organization committed to building an inclusive and Just city, free of evictions, displacement and dispossession.
In discharging its mandate, PT has observed that there is an inextricable link between Urban Governance and the quest for infrastructure development across the country. In this regard, PT has partnered with the PASGR, (Partnership for African Social & Governance Research) to establish the Utafiti Sera (Policy Research) House, which is now focusing on the subject of Social Dimensions Of Infrastructure.
The House pursues evidence based policy and practical solutions for engaging with opportunities and dilemmas presented by ongoing infrastructure investments in Kenya and their impact on Urban Governance.
Since its inception in January 2018, the House has brought together diverse stakeholders.
In the first forum, members of the House identified additional stakeholders who would help to shape the discourse on the Social Dimensions of Infrastructural Development. While infrastructure investments are excellent opportunity for the country and cities, members of the House were unanimous that, to many who live in precarious conditions such investments present a major challenge.
During the second forum that was held between 15 th and 16th May 2018, there was consensus that there is need to develop and enact national guidelines that govern voluntary and involuntary displacement especially as a result of infrastructure development. This has since unfolded into the need for Stakeholders Engagement Framework for large infrastructure projects.
The third Utafiti Sera House convening shall build on the lessons and experiences from the last two forums. The primary focus shall be to collectivize the conversations that have emerged since the first forum was held. Specifically, the forum shall consider and adopt the
proposed Stakeholders Engagement Framework as well as the framework for voluntary and involuntary relocation. The forum shall also review and adopt the Urban Governance Human Rights Observatory tool and further consider appropriate strategies for promoting the Utafiti Sera House agenda.