Engendering Social Science Research Methods (2018)

Date: 19 Nov 2018 - 22 Nov 2018

What would a man do that a woman would not do? What would a woman do that a man would not? This is a question on gender, a fundamental category in human life in society. Gender influences how men and women think, speak and act. Social research investigates human behaviour in a society:how humans behave, when, and why. Studying gender dynamics is therefore imperative to allow a comprehensive understanding of the social world. Therefore, all social research should be gender sensitive. This module emphasises the need for rigorous mixed research methods and provides a step by step hands-on implementation of gender-sensitive data collection and data analysis. The module also examines issues in social research ethics and policy-engaged research with particular focus on gender analysis. By the end of this module delivery participants will demonstrate knowledge and skills to interrogate macro and micro power structures from a gender and intersectional perspective. They will also apply the use of basic tools to critically incorporate the approaches in their own social science research and policy work. It is assumed that participants taking the module will be a mixed audience comprising both novices and experts in gender sensitive policy-engaged social research and practice. Through the participatory exercises, synergies will be developed for optimal learning and networking across both groups.