Working papers

  •   Features, governance characteristics and policy implications of non-state social protection in Africa: A synthesis report View
  •   A Political Economy Analysis of Social Protection Programmes in Botswana View
  •   Understanding the Characteristics and Governance Structures of Non-State Social Protection Programmes in Ghana: A Case Study of Work-based Associations in Winneba and Cape Coast View
  •   A Political Economy of Social Protection Policy Uptake in Ghana View
  •   Non–State Actors and Accountable Social Protection in Child Protection and Livelihoods in Wassa, Ghana View
  •   Provision of Social Protection Services by Non-state Actors in Nyanza Region, Kenya: Assessing Women’s Empowerment View
  •   Governance, Performance and Sustainability of Non-State Social Protection Services in Uganda View
  •   Strengthening or Weakening the State Citizen Social Construct: Governance and Accountability Dynamics of Non-State Actors Providing Social Protection for Vulnerable Children in Western Kenya View
  •   The Politics of Promoting Social Protection in Uganda: A Case of the Cash Transfer Scheme for Elderly People View