Forum On Employment Creation In Agriculture And Agro-Processing In The Context Of Inclusive Growth In Nigeria

Date: 31 Jan 2017

How can the agriculture sector be enabled to provide increasing decent employment for inclusive growth in Nigeria?

PASGR is facilitating the application of ‘Utafiti Sera’; a mechanism that provides opportunities for new ways of thinking and collaborating to address the challenges that hinder the use of research evidence to policy action. Utafiti Sera represents a community of researchers and policy actors working together to ensure that appropriate policy actions and uptake take place. This can be through programmes, legislation, policies or administrative and other actions around an issue for which research has provided evidence, in this case, employment creation in the context of inclusive growth in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Institute for Legislative Studies (NILS) is the host institution for Utafiti Sera in Nigeria. In collaboration with the PASGR and the Dutch Platform on Inclusive Development (INCLUDE), NILS is organizing a one-day forum (see agenda) on Research-Policy Community on Employment Creation in agriculture and agro-processing in Nigeria, on January 31, 2017, in Abuja. The one-day forum is part of activities to be organized within the whole process of Utafiti Sera on employment creation in Nigeria.

A study that examined the blockages of employment creation potential in the sector provides policy relevant findings and recommendations for discussions and uptake. The study was facilitated by PASGR with financial support from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Department for International Development (DfID) and conducted by Nigerian researchers.

The study and syntheses of findings of other studies on employment creation potentials of the agriculture and agro-processing sectors will be the subject of policy discussions in this forum. A background note is available here.